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Coach Joanne

Director & Head Coach

I developed a love of netball very early in life and have been playing, coaching and spectating ever since. Many of my best friends, amazing experiences or life lessons have been found either beside or on the netball court. 


In 2012 I co-founded Sport Ready Netball Academy with Sharyn Hill. It was the first netball academy of its kind in Singapore and to us was like our 5th baby – we each have 4 children.  


I want netball at Sport Ready to be a place where all players and coaches discover their inner strength, power and confidence. I want them to learn the true meaning of teamwork and the ability to work with others, especially when opinions, abilities or even appearance differ.  I want them to learn to turn disappointment (a game loss or team selection) into determination and drive.  I want them to laugh, make friends, work-hard and push to be the best player or coach they can be.  


I am so proud to be part of the “PURPLE ARMY”.


Coach Asha

Academy Manager

I am a Singapore born English woman. Having played netball since I was 5 years old, inspired by my mum who always dragged me along to her netball, it’s still one of my favourites!

I want everyone to experience netball the way I have - work hard, play hard & enjoy! Since becoming a coach I have found out a lot about what is important to me. I believe that the best netballers are 'games' players and not just netballers! My netball influenced how I played basketball, and how I saw space in touch rugby and vice versa.


I believe the most interesting and successful players are tacticians, people who can read the game, see space, pass the ball & add something individual to their style of play. I try to incorporate this into my style of coaching. One other aspect I really try to instil in my players is to be thinkers! After all, they are the one playing the game, not me. And if they can understand how their decisions on court can directly influence the outcome then I have done my job!


Coach Connie

PR & Marketing Manager

I've been playing netball for as long as I can remember and it's hands-down my favourite sport! As a teenager my world revolved around netball, training multiple times week at school and representing my county. I remember the positive feelings it always brought, the camaraderie and the sense of achievement. I love how the game is evolving and I feel like it's getting more and more exciting to watch!

When I moved from England to Singapore in 2015, the first thing I did was join a netball club - all my friends here are netball lovers! I still play for NZ Flyers and have been fortunate to be a part of the team behind the scenes running leagues and club socials.

Playing at NZ Flyers is what lead me to coaching at Sport Ready, something I will forever be grateful for. I love sharing my passion with the players I coach and seeing them achieve their goals is so rewarding. Making sure all players are given the opportunity to fulfil their full potential, whilst keeping their love for the sport and enjoying their time on court or at training is everything to me. 

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Coach Sam

Hi, I am Australian. I loved playing netball when I was a child and had many good friends from the game. 

After a long break I came back to coaching and playing when my daughters joined Sport Ready. I love the game of netball and hope to teach everyone else to love it too. My philosophy is hard work and enjoyment!


Coach Lesley

I'm Jamaican/British and I moved to Singapore with my family in 2016. Netball has been a passion since school and I have many memories of playing netball with my mum and sister back in the UK. I have been lucky to enjoy netball wherever I go and when I join a team I know I'm settled!

I joined Sport Ready 2 seasons ago and have really enjoyed coaching such eager and energetic Sport Ready girls and boys. I love sharing the passion and fun of netball with the kids and also helping achieve their personal goals and achievements. 


Coach Nurul

Hi! A passionate netball player, coach and umpire from Singapore, I embarked on this journey only at 13 and I must say it was the best decision ever. I've always believed that sport can bring everyone together and it's certainly so for netball! I have forged friendships along the way through netball, regardless of age, gender or nationality!

Coaching to me is all about empowering players to work on their strengths so as to excel in their game. What I give to the team is what the players will give back to the team in return. It brings me great joy developing and nurturing talents through coaching. 


Coach Julie

I first played netball when I was 8 years old. From that moment on, I was hooked. From throwing the tea towel around the kitchen and making pretend shots against our kitchen wall as a small kid to playing representative netball until I was 18, I have loved the sport.

One of the highlights of my netball years was having a few training sessions with Yvonne Willering. I found her knowledge of the game and her strong, charismatic character very inspiring. 

When I moved to Singapore from Bangkok with my family in 2016, I took up netball playing for NZ Flyers. My daughter is also a keen netballer and plays for Sport Ready netball academy. 

Coaching the sport has enabled me to pass my passion and knowledge onto the young’uns and I feel privileged to be working with a fantastic, motivational group of strong women!

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Coach Emma

I've lived in Hong Kong & Singapore for the past 13 years with my family where netball has played a major part in my life being Board member and COO of Hong Kong Netball Association, coaching, umpiring and competing. I played netball during school and university but rediscovered my passion for the sport when I moved to HK. I played Div 1 for two Clubs and rebuilt my skills, and was selected for the HK National team at age 41, playing in the Asian Championships and Tri-Nations.  


When I coach I like to develop netball skills, but also build general fitness and wellbeing, build confidence, friendships, a love of sport (particularly netball) and most importantly, instill good sportsmanship and teamwork.


Sport has always been a in my life. During school I competed in multiple Australian Championships and State Championships. After university I paved a career in sports management for the past 25 years across Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia. My two boys are also mad about sport – unfortunately they don’t play netball, so I apply my netball coaching skills to coaching AFL, and I love that too!


Coach Emily

I was born and grew up in Singapore and currently I'm studying an undergraduate degree at the Australian National University. For the last 9 years I've played netball for school teams and sports clubs, joining Sport Ready firstly as a player! I currently play for one of the competitive NZ Flyers teams. 


I followed my passion and became a registered coach and umpire with Netball Singapore to share my love of the sport and contribute to developing a similar passion in others. Having worked as an assistant coach at Sport Ready and at school, last year I joined The Purple Army as a professional coach! 


I aim to share my love of netball and help other young players develop a passion for netball and sport in general. I believes it's important to maintain a fun and enjoyable atmosphere throughout skill development so the players feel encouraged to contribute more to their own learning and their team.