Sports Psychology Workshop


Venue: Kallang, Court 1A & 1B

Time: 6-7pm

Ages: 13-17 years

Date: 22nd March


Cost:  $30

*All 16 places must be filled for the session to go ahead

What to bring: 

Appropriate sports clothing, drink bottle and a pen and paper.

Sport Ready are super excited to bring you our first ever Sports Psychology Workshop. 

We have organised a great opportunity for Han Ee, a Sport Psychologist, currently working with the Singapore National Netball Team, to do a practical session with you that will not only allow you to thrive on the netball court, but also in your everyday life. So come and join a fun and interactive workshop and learn about how to stay motivated, resilient and sharp in times of uncertainty, and social distancing.


About Han Ee

Han Ee is the founder of Emerge Performance (EP), where he helps clients nurture flow experiences and a championship mindset. Han Ee believes that peak performance – or being in the flow – is underpinned by mindfulness, an action-learning mindset, and mental agility. He is a qualified instructor of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

A global award-winning executive coach and sport psychologist, Han Ee is best known for his unique blend of expertise in both performance and sport psychology. With his deep experience supporting high performers like Olympians and C-Suite leaders to achieve their personal and professional best, Han Ee has a proven track record in crafting performance development programs based on sport psychology and mindfulness interventions. Han Ee has been working with Netball Singapore since 2015 supporting Ruth Aitken, Natalie Milicich and Annette Pearce in bringing the best out from the national team and respective athletes.