Umpire Development

Netball Umpire Course Virtual Session

Dates TBC

Part 1: Rules Update Session 

Part 2: Test Revision, quizzes & NNZ online test


Cost: $25

Will receive Netball New Zealand Theory Certicate. 
Official qualification required to take the court and start your umpiring journey!

Whistles, Umpire Tees, and Rule Books will be available for purchase online.

Netball Rules Workshop

Sport Ready Netball Academy is committed to the training and development of netball umpires. Attending our Umpire Development Workshop is a great way for all players, coaches, teachers and parents 

to learn and keep up to date with the rules. 

Whether you're interested in becoming a qualified netball umpire and or wish to expand your netball knowledge and 

understanding, come and join us for a fun and informative workshop. A must for all lovers of netball! 

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Umpire Practical Development Workshop

Recent course attendees and unbadged umpires are invited to partake umpire mentoring with qualified umpire coaches

A maximum number of 20 attendees will take turns playing and umpiring whilst being mentored and directed with specific feedback given in order to develop your skills as an umpire. This is a great opportunity to be looked at for your Junior Badge, Also a great chance for a run-around and game time!

Venue: Australian International School,


Session Dates